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Our Lawyers Promise to Treat Each and Every Client Like a Family

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Our Lawyers Are Proud to Present Their Proven Track-Records in the Field.

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[Interview] Former Busan Chief Prosecutor Seok Dong-Hyun, “Starting a New Chapter”

“I have always wanted to provide an answer for the future.” Seok Dong-Hyun, Former Chief Prosecutor of Busan District Attorney’s Office, has returned to his hometown of Busan. Mr. Seok has opened an office in 3rd Fl., Lead Bldg., 309, Haeun-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea (612-827). When asked about why he returned to Busan, he answered,…

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“We Should Be More Receptive Towards the Immigrants”

Launched in April, “MDI Forum” has appointed attorney Seok Dong-Hyun as the president. The United States Defense Department has recently issued a statement regarding modifications to the visa acquring process that will allow more experts on technology, science, and mathmatics to work in the States. Such drastic measures have also influenced Korea as well. Launched…

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‘MDI Center” to Host a New Anniversarial Forum

Former Chief Prosecutor for the Eastern Seoul District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Seok Dong-Hyun of Law Firm Daeho will host a new anniversarial forum for the MDI Center on 18th. MDI stands for “multi-cultural”, “diaspora”, and “immigrants”.

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Legal Areas

Law Firm Daeho Specializes in the Following Legal Areas.

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Corporate Law/Corporate Litigation
  • General Corporate Law
  • Compliance, Risk Management
  • Corporate Disputes
  • Liabilities of Directors and Statutory Auditors
Corporate Restructuring
  • Corporate Restructuring/Bankruptcy
  • M&A under Restructuring Proceedings
  • Workouts
Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiation
  • Closing and Post-Merger Integration
Banking, Securities & Insurance
  • General Corporate Finance
  • Securitization/Structured Finance
  • Project Finance/Real Estate Finance
  • Ship/Aircraft Finance
International Transactions
  • Cross-Border Agreements
  • Foreign Inbound Investments
  • Overseas Outbound Investments
  • International Trade/Commerce/Customs Duties
  • Tax Administrative Appeals
  • Claim of Reassessment
  • Tax Administrative Litigation
  • Tax Civil Lawsuit
Corporate Law/Corporate Litigation
Corporate Restructuring
Mergers and Acquisitions
Banking, Securities & Insurance
International Transactions

We promise to provide the optimal legal service based on our experience and expertise to each and every one of our clients. Our laywers have vast experiences in diverse fields and you will meet with whoever matches your needs most fittingly.