“We Should Be More Receptive Towards the Immigrants”

Launched in April, “MDI Forum” has appointed attorney Seok Dong-Hyun as the president.

The United States Defense Department has recently issued a statement regarding modifications to the visa acquring process that will allow more experts on technology, science, and mathmatics to work in the States. Such drastic measures have also influenced Korea as well.

Launched in April, MDI president Mr. Seok said “The past laws with regards to the immigration has been too diverisifed and ineffective. We need to be more receptive towards the immigrants with specialties that could benefit the country.”

MDI stands for multi-cultural, diaspora, and immigrants. Mr. Seok has finished the 15th Korean Judicial Research & Training Institute Training, and opened priviate practice office in 2012 after serving as the Chief Prosecutor for the Eastern Seoul District Attorney’s Office. After working for Law Firm Hwawoo, he is currently serving as the chief advisory lawyer of Law Firm Daeho, and was also appointed as the head of Immigration Law Research Center.